Mainers for smaller government is a community action group that is focused on reducing the size of State and Federal government.


Links to make you think about smaller government

See and hear Ronald Reagan in his famous speech 'A Time for Choosing' here on Youtube.

Read some of 'The Jeffersonian Perspective' here.

Read the documents that started it all. The US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and others here.

Read a short essay on smaller government here.

Read about the Republican underdog Eric Brakey running against Angus King for the United States Senate in 2018 here.

Read about the continued effort of Governor Paul LePage in reforming welfare benefits to actually improve the health of those receiving State assistance here.

Read about Bruce Poliquin urging an investigation into the finances of Iran here.

Read an article from the Portland Press Herald on the growth of private sector jobs and the reduction in State employees here.

Read a great article about the budget proposal that Governor Lepage has submitted here.

Read an article from Foreign Affairs on the complicated issue of immigration into the United States here.

Become a part of the solution, and help us reduce the size and scope of State and Federal government. Thank you.